Surfer girls being attacked in remote surf spots

Bali is a surfing mecca and idyllic destination for many. The attraction of year-round waves and tourism have a darker side that’s been frequently scrutinized in the media of late. This comment is not on that, but rather on the spate of recent attacks on female surfers venturing to more out of the way spots to satiate the search for waves.

The surfer girls in Bali. Pic: Iuri Borba/

It’s sad that anyone would be made to feel unsafe, let alone on our island of the gods. But the unfortunate reality is that, here, as anywhere, it’s not always a good idea to venture off alone. The possibility of injuries and such aside, we have received reports that women driving to more secluded spots have been attacked by groups of men. It’s absolutely heinous that these things are occurring, so rather than tempt fate, please buddy-up when you go surf somewhere off the tourist-track and keep an eye on each other. If you do come across the intrepid soul in search of waves for themselves, maybe gently remind them of these incidents and offer to drive up to the main road with them. Who knows, you may even make a friend….


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