Rip Curl Mentawai Pro 2013 – Day 3

Anticipation of an incoming swell today had Contest Director James Hendy call for a lay day yesterday at the Mentawai Pro presented by Rip Curl, which allowed the contestants more time to free surf and also to visit a local school and meet with the kids.

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A crew of contestants, ASC staff, Rip Curl management including CEO Jeff Anderson, James Hendy and Francois Payot, Surftime Magazine Editor Matt George and others took a 20 minute walk from the beach to the local elementary school where they met with the aged 6-12 kids and their teachers, and then handed over school supplies, stickers, and also the ceramic toilets that will be installed in the school.

After hanging out and taking photos with the kids, the crew walked down to meet with Lizzie Murray at her A Liquid Future project, which is a school she started to help the local kids learn English and learn to surf.  The kids got a chance to practice their English with the visitors, and the Rip Curl’s Francois Payot and Jeff Anderson give them a short talk on the importance of learning English for their future.  “Surfing is fun and a great activity,” said Payot.  “But for your future you need to learn English.  Some of you will travel someday, around Indonesia and outside of Indonesia, and when you do you’ll need to speak English because it is the universal language. I’m French, and so English isn’t my native language either so I had to learn it, and I can tell you from my experience that it is really important for your future.”

Rip Curl is supporting both the village and school in Katiet as well as A Liquid Future financially and with products and materials as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts in Indonesia.

The swell forecast is calling for an increase in swell today, which would signal the start of the Mentawai Pro presented by Rip Curl, and yesterday afternoon’s surf session saw the contestants ripping apart the 3 foot waves at Lance’s Right in preparation for their Round 1 heats.

Here are the Round 1 matchups:

Heat 1 – Dede Suryana (West Java), Mega Semadhi (Bali), Kaishu Tanaka (Japan)

Heat 2 – Rahtu Suargita (Bali), Soma Warsoma (Bali), Teiki Ballian (France)

Heat 3 – Garut Widiarta (Bali), Wayan Susiana (Bali), Jackson Baker (Australia)

Heat 4 – Pepen Hendrik (Bali), Gazali Hamzah (Sumbawa), Marvius (Mentawai)

Heat 5 – Marlon Gerber (Bali), IB Simarai (Bali), Made Adi Putra (Bali)

Heat 6 – Darmaputra Tonyo (Bali), Devis Ratif (Bali), Sebastian Smart (England)

Heat 7 – Made Darmayasa (Bali), Putra Hermawan (Bali), Harry Bryant (Australia)

Heat 8 – Mustofa Jeksen (Bali), Tipi Jabrik (Bali), Oney Anwar (Sumbawa)


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