Video: Surfer David Leboulch in Indo

David Leboulch was in Indonesia some weeks ago and brought us some nice clips.

To have a better understanding about this trip see bellow David’s Words about it:

“Java was really intense, we arrived in Jakarta for a little week, we drove for a while like 7 hours in a taxi to join the final point really deep in the jungle. I Will not talk about the spot because nowadays its really rare to surf alone with friends. So we found a sucky left on the rocks after 2 hours drive with ours scooters. It was our first Time in java and on this wave but after 2 surf sessions we started to understand this wave… We finally surfed there 6 hours a day between this wave and the wave in front of our house.

Thanks to Jérôme sahyoun, othmane choufani, Hicham Bennani and ola nygards, Carlos for this trip”

David Leboulch.


Video: Vans Europe on Vimeo


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