Highlights of the Rip Curl GromSearch Medewi

The rocky black sand beach of Medewi hosted over 40 grommets for one of the most challenging competitions of the GromSearch Series 2013. Waves in the 4 – 6 ft range pumped through into the bay all day long providing some of the longest left-handers throughout the whole of Bali.

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Excited and motivated to win Top honors for the National Finals later this year, Grom’s competed hard all day in three categories: the “under 14” division, the “under 16” division and the Girls division. Despite a strong current and a long paddle out to catch the glassy waves, Groms realized determined, gutsy performances in the sometimes double over-head conditions.

In the “Under the 16 division”, the rampaging Reef Doig smashed his competitors with 22.45 points, closely followed by powerful Rio Waida (22.0 points), Riman Jayadi (19.35) and Febriansa (10.65). Rio Waida, Aldy Maulana, Novi Rahman, Adi Suhariman were all given a ticket to the National Finals and will join the other Groms next September in Bali to compete in the National GromSearch Finals.

Fast, clean and spectacular maneuvers of Rip Curl team rider Ketut Agus gave him first place for the “Under 14 division”. Sonny Perusel (10.65 points), Tenshi Ishij (9.55 points) and Samsul Hadi (9.25 points) respectively won 2nd, 3rd and 4th place with amazingly strong performances in the challenging point waves.

Undaunted by the heavy waves, the Girls put on one of the most impressive performances ever seen at a GromSearch event showing they have an amazing amount of determination and courage. Paddling hard to get the best waves Medewi had to offer it was the powerful and controlled turns of Kailani that won her first place with 6.85 points, followed by Hayana in 2nd (6.0 points), Ciada Legati 3rd (5.95 points) and Dhea Natasya in 4th place (5.5 points).

A significant number of competitors participated in the expression session, were Komang Adi won first place thanks to two powerful aerials in the same wave, and Halik won second place thanks to his quick and perfect landed aerial.

The winners were all given a pack of Rip Curl goodies including stickers, bags, shirts and Sticky Bumps wax before leaving the podium to the applause of supporters.

Despite a substantial rain in the middle of the day, the atmosphere was at its peak on Sunday. Good music, games, fun and great support from spectators made this competition a great experience for Grommets, friends and parents. After fulfilling their environmental responsibility with the usual cleanup of the beach, Groms played several fun games. The winners of the caterpillar race and of the musical chair games were rewarded with Rip Curl giveaways.

“It was an amazing day of surfing for the Grommets, some of Girls and the youngest kids surprised everyone with really gutsy performances in the big conditions. Many thanks to the Medewi boardriders for their collaboration with Rip Curl to host this stage of the GromSearch series” said Rip Curl Marketing Manager  James Hendy.

Rip Curl is looking for young and fresh talents to build the next generation of upcoming surfers, so… Let the Grommets rule!

Rip Curl GromSearch 2013 Medewi, Bali Contest Results:

Under 16th Division (Boys):

1st – Reef Doig (22.45 points)
2nd – Rio Waida (22.0 points)
3rd – Riman Jayadi (19.35 points)
4th – Febriansa (10.65 points)

Under 14th Division (Boys):
1st – Ketut Agus (11.8 points)
2nd – Sonny Perusel(10.65 points)
3rd – Tenshi Ishij (9.55 points)
4th – Samsul Hadi(9.25 points)

Girls Division:
1st – Kailani (6.85 points)
2nd – Hayanna (6.0 points)
3rd – Ciada Legati (5.95 points)
4th – Dhea Natasya (5.5 points)

Best Trick – Expression Session:
1st – Komang Adi
2nd – Halik


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