Interview: Diah Rahayu Dewi had the chance to interview Diah Rahayu Dewi, a young talented surfer girl from Bali, Indonesia. She took some time out of her busy schedules to catch up with us. One of her sponsors Electric Visuals, helped us to arrange the time and the place. Here, she explains up and down of being a surfer and about her goals and projects for 2013.

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How long have you been surfing? And when did you start to compete?

I started surfing when I was 12. Now I’m 19, so I’ve been surfing for 7 years.

What do you like about surfing?

I don’t know why I like surfing, maybe because my father is also a surfer. So at first I just tried it, then I became addicted to the sport, and now it has become my hobby.

How many siblings that you have?

I have 2 sisters; I’m the second daughter in the family. And I am the only one who surfs.


What are your sponsors?

Rip Curl, Electric, Skull Candy, Creatures.

What is the importace of a sponsorship and how do they affect your competitive career?

They are very important. They are the ones helping us day-by-day before the contests or pushing us during the contests. They became my extra motivation to do better and to represent them in the best way I can.

As we know the ASC is having their first event, the Rip Curl Pro Mentawais, now, what are you doing to get ready for ASC 2013 season?

As the 1st stop of the tour, the Rip Curl Mentawai Pro, is a speciality stop; They don’t have the women’s heats, so I am training for the contest Cimaja.

How long have you been on the women’s tour?

I started in 2008 and since then I’ve been doing it every year till now (2013), so almost 5 years.

What’s your highest rank so far?

I ve been ranked 2nd in 2011. I could have won that year but sadly I failed in one contest that year.

What is missing on woman’s tour to have more support?

I think we need more big sponsors, so we can think only of surfing and improve more and more. And of course more Indonesian women surfing, that would motivate us more.


Tell me about your first Surfing shot? Who took it and where was it?

I think  it was when I was 14 years old at Double Six, Bali, which is my homebreak. I was learning to surf. The photo was published in SurfTime magazine. I also had some photos taken at Medewi and Halfway when I was still a grommet.

We know you love Kuta, but what are the other spots you like in Bali?

I like Canggu, Serangan, Berawa and Twin Point.

What was your best surf trip ever?

It was G-Land last year, I went there around June – July 2012.

In February we reported that girls who surf were being attacked in remote spots of Bali, have you heard any attack stories and how do you feel about this?

I feel really offended for sure. In surfing we take care of each other, we are a team. Together we get motivated so we , as women can improve our surfing and get better and better. That attacks and incidents are not fair and it must be stopped. Everyone, especially woman should feel safe and free from all the fear that can keep us from surfing.

Do you have a female surfer that you look up to in your surf community?

Actually no, no female surfer, but I look up to all the Padma Boys. They are very supportive. The amazing Padma Boys!

What can we do, as media, to be more supportive and help women’s surfing?

I think there needs to be more equality in exposing both men and women in surfing. I mean, so far the media is always giving more attention to the men. With more exposure, women can show their surfing and they can be more motivated to surf.

What are your interests outside of surfing?

A lot! Playing basketball, traditional dance, etc. But nowadays I like to hang out with friends and watch movies.

Can you cook? What’s the best thing you can cook?

I can’t. I can only cook instant noodles.

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What do you eat to stay in top form?

The main thing is to eat regularly, I prefer not to eat rice at night. For lunch I do eat red-rice and then a light meal for dinner. But it’s not a diet.

What kind of music are you into?

I like a lot kind of music. Such as acoustic, dub step, electro, etc. I don’t really like Rock and Dangdut (traditional Indonesian Music) music.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I have my plans made with my sponsors: we have a schedule of events to cover and I am very focused on trying to get the title this year, I am training a lot. It’s a year with only few contests for women so I am really into the contests and I will use maximum efforts to be the champion.

What kind of training you usually do?

Surfing, fitness training, physical training and sometimes yoga.

Do you have any message for’s readers?

Keep surfing and keep Bali’s beaches clean and beautiful, so it will remain one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Thank you Diah, good luck for all your plan this year!

Interview by: Sakti | Photo: Calvin and Putri Ombak Doc.


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