Mentawai Swell Part 2: Macca’s Love and Hate

After an awesome start at Rifles in the Playground area we moved South expecting to score at arguably the most fun left-hander in the world: Macaronis.

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The overnight journey, on King Of Millenium 2, was too easy. After 2 days of surfing Rifles non-stop I crashed around 8 pm and woke up at 5 am when the boat was pulling up the anchor from the safety of a bay to head to Macaronis for the morning session.

We did not have a booking for mooring at Maccas on that first day, in fact our booking was for the next 2 days, so we were going there to surf from first light until the time that the Macaronis Resort would send their patrol to clean the line up.
Luckily on these dates the entire camp was booked by only 4 or 5 surfers, a wealthy crew had rented out Maccas for themselves, but as the Macas guests decided to go to Green Bush, Macaronis was FREE, and we could stay there for longer. Only leaving for Green Bush when the tide was too high (Wait for our Next Article, Part 3) and returning to surf low tide at an empty Macaronis again.

We spent the night in the bay. For those of you who are unaware the moorings are located in front of the break, so after surfing the boats head deeper into the bay where it’s safer. The mooring system is ONLY to regulate the lineup as the boats have to anchor inside of the bay.

The next day we woke up and went straight to our mooring, we were booked and we were frothing to only share Maccas with another boat and the 4 or 5 guests from the land camp. Macaronis with 25 people max. It was going to be a Dream… and it was….

Waves were pumping, barrels and rippable walls coming in at 4-5ft, and only 4 boats in the morning.  Once again, with only the 4-5 guest in the land camp all the boats were allowed stay in and we all had fun together as it should be. Every surfer taking their turn. At one point there were about 40 guys out but every one of us was smiling and having a great time.

Our last day booked in Maccas was also unreal, the waves were a bit smaller, 3-4 ft sets, but very consistent. Early in the morning it was super glassy and around 10am a Northly wind would begin to blow. But this wasn’t a big deal, it was a cross-offshore wind and waves were still pumping. We had another dream day, great waves and a very cool crew out, sharing and having fun, No drop-ins, no snaking, no stress.

The next day we spent the entire day at GreenBush. The swell was fading and we were headed somewhere else. On our way we decided to stop in at Maccas for a late afternoon session. We had heard that Maccas Camp had just received 32 new guests, and other boats were having nightmare there, but we were keen to get a few more at Maccas and we were hoping it wasn’t so bad.

It was true, we arrived at Maccas and it was 2-3ft, the line up was terrible,  with 50 guys out and a lot of dropping-in and snaking. I’m not quite sure why I bothered to paddle out, wishful thinking perhaps. I was impressed with a surfer on a red board, who would burn people with no compassion; look straight at them and just drop-in. After few sets he was burned by another guy and then had the gall to tell him off. Bit of a hypocritical move.

Having their new 32 guests, the land camp was controlling the lineup again, and after only being anchored for 20 minutes, our boat was called off to leave the bay following the rules of the owner of Macaronis Land Camp.

Teks and Photo: Iuri Borba


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