Surf Shoulder Training: Stretch, Mobilize, and Strengthen

I think I’m close to a shoulder operation, and it’s no fun.  In all honesty, I’m pretty good with shoulder rehab, training, tissue work and beyond, but sometimes injuries are just too destructive to deal with non-surgically.  I bothered my shoulder on Friday doing some heavy sprint work, and those workouts are typically really good for power training and explosiveness.



So, I bothered the shoulder pretty darned good, and intended to rest it.  I was taking a drive up to skate a bowl in Northern Sydney, and stopped at Curl Curl to check the surf. It was super-fun.

Three- to four-foot wedges, dumping on the inside bar. I went out against better judgement, and on the fifth wave I felt it go. It was nauseating. If any of you have felt that feeling, you know how much it sucks. My surf was quickly over (thought I did get a couple good waves), but I got out thinking, “that’s gonna be a 20 grand operation.”

I had an acute injury. Some of you guys and gals may not have acute injuries, but you probably have some type of dysfunction or postural offset.  This can be bad news, and could set you up for an injury down the road.  I want to give you a few things you can work on to clean up those shoulders and have some happy surf shoulders, cause mine ain’t too happy now.

 Here’s what you’re accomplishing with that series of goodness.

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Sources: The Inertia | Author: Cris Mills


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