The Kecebong Indonesia Surf Series 2013 is off to an Excellent Start

The first installment of the Kecebong Indonesia Billabong Surf Series kicked off 19 May 2013, Sunday to an excellent start, with friends, family, and all competitive grommets taking on the beach bright and early, and eager to start the big day. A perfect setting for all young athletes, the surf was clean with mid tide and small waves adding on to the pumping atmosphere.

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Heats were drawn up shortly, and all grommets and parents from the Pushing Division huddled around the board waiting to see whom they’d be up against. The first round of the divisions went by quick, with some of the grommets sweeping well-deserving victories, moving on to the next leg of the competition. As the day went by the swell started to come in, giving the kids the opportunity to pull off some really radical maneuvers.

“It was a great day at the beach, with some solid surfing by our competitors,” said Nadia Anderson, Billabong’s Marketing Coordinator. “Congratulations to all that had placed, and a bigger thank you to all the grommets and parents for showing their support!”

Under 14 Boys Division:

1. Raju Sena

2. Kian

3. Sony

4. Kaleb

Under 14 Girls Division:

1. Dhea Natasya

2. Giada

3. Hayana

4. Kailani

Under 10 Boys Division:

1. Dhanny

2. Ben Benson

3. Varun Tanjung

4. Fajar

Pushing Boys Division:

1. Xavier

2. Jadon

3. Kahea

4. Adrian

Pushing Girls Division:

1. Luisa

2. Tia

3. Lani

4. Sweeny

Sources: ASC | Photo by: Timo Pramulya


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