Kidnapped 2-Year-Old Found Safe in Bali

A two-year-old French boy whose picture was widely circulated on social media websites on Wednesday was found “in good health” in Bali after he was kidnapped on Wednesday morning by a woman from East Timor and a male accomplice, Bali Police and the French embassy confirmed on Thursday afternoon.

Three brothers inn

Logan and his father were reunited at the Three Brothers Inn in Bali this morning – Photo:

The two-year-old from La Réunion, a French administrative territory in the Indian Ocean, was abducted from the Three Brothers Bungalows in the Legian area in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Staff at Three Brothers Bungalows said a woman had taken the boy from the hotel at around 4 a.m., but did not comment on how the woman left the hotel.

M. Agustiawan, chief detective of the Kuta Police, told the Jakarta Globe that the boy’s father had gone out to the Bounty Discotheque in Kuta, where he had met the suspect, who police have identified as Zonia Maria Gracia, a 33-year-old East Timor national who lives in Dili, said to be on vacation in Bali with her boyfriend, Manuel Henriques Suarez, 45, also from Dili.

He then went back to the Three Brothers Bungalows with Zonia. When he awakened, both the boy and Zonia had disappeared.

Agustiawan said the boy’s father was traveling only with his son.

The father requested CCTV footage from the hotel, which led police to identify the suspect. Inquiries with local residents soon found that Zonia had left in a rented car with a driver, who told police she was dropped off at Jalan Pulau Moyo, some seven kilometers east of the bungalows.

Police traced the suspects from there and arrested Zonia and Suarez this afternoon.

Zonia told police she “had wanted to take care of the baby,” Agustiawan said, but police were more persuaded by the view that it was her intention to sell the child, adding that they needed money to return to Dili and were known to police there.

Dominique Roubert, press officer for the French embassy in Jakarta, said French investigators had been working with Indonesian police to find the boy and his abductors.

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Sources: Jakarta Globe | Author:  Harry Jacques


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