Video: Surfed and made by groms

This video is made by Oscar O’ Shea a 15 year old kid. He moved to Bali two years ago and automatically became entranced by the surfing culture in Bali and the sport in general .

He started filming his brother Finn and has been hanging with a group of kids for a while, now mainly Sonny Perrussel, Kian Martin, Saxon McHutchison and Gully Steelhead who all have a lot of skill for their age on a surfboard others grommet when they get surf in Canggu, Bali. After a while he got to know these kids and found out how amazing their everyday lives where and especially there skills out in the water. He decided to get more into filming and make a short edit filled with these boys shredding. He has a plan on making another edit within the next 2 months specifically focused on Gully Steelhead and hope it turns out as well as his first film did.


Video: Oscar O’Shea on Vimeo


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