Triston Gailey, 3, amazed his father when he first popped up on the board

Ditching his Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt for a wetsuit and life jacket, three-year-old Triston Gailey rides the waves with the big boys on the Central California coast.


The youngster has stunned his proud father Todd Gailey, a keen surfer, who says he’s a ‘natural’ on the board. The blonde-haired child first took to the waves on a boogie board at just two years old, with his older sister, who was six.

Right away, Triston was turning heads as he perfected his form: poised and balanced, hands out in front as he rides waves to shore in Morro Bay. Mr Gailey, a life-long surfer who lives in San Luis Obispo, calls his son a ‘natural,’ and the ‘most coordinated three-year-old he’s ever seen’.

Speaking to local news service, The Tribune, Mr Gailey said initially he would prop his son on the board in a standing position and then push him as a wave approached.

But more recently, he said Triston asked if he could ride on his belly.

Thinking his son wanted to ride his surfboard like on a boogie board, he pushed him at the first available wave, then glanced back to check the incoming swell.

When he turned to watch his son, he saw the three-year-old remarkably pop straight up into the standing position. He rode the wave all the way into the shore.

‘He’s the most coordinated three-year-old I’ve ever seen,’ Mr Gailey told the San Luis Obispo Tribune, adding that he takes to virtually all sports with great ease.

Mr Gailey stressed that he’s not pushy with his son, ‘I just want him to enjoy everything he does… I don’t really care how good he does or doesn’t get. I’m just loving surfing with him,’ he told the Tribune.

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