Photos: Mentawai Swell Part 4: Getting Shaked at RAGs

“We’d been hanging at Macca’s and Green Bush for the last 4 days, and the natural footers were frothing to hit another perfect right-hander after the first 2 days we got at Rifles. Luckily we had a world class right just around the corner and that would be our next destination: Rags.

In a beautiful bay, next to Thunders,  Rags offers 2 waves: Rags Right and Rags Left. We went straight to the Rights, famous for its perfection. It breaks perfectly for about 150 meters and the only thing you can do is get shacked. A sharp and shallow reef beneath the surface is the reason for the flawless wave; you take off out the back, pull straight in, and then you have to pump to come out in the channel and avoid the razor-sharp reef. It’s pure perfection.

When we arrived 4-5 ft waves were breaking with only 8 guys out and 2 other boats anchored in the bay. One of these was a group of 10 young 50 year old surfers from Wollongong celebrating birthdays together frothing like groms. The other boat was a crew from the Goldie.

There were plenty of waves, everybody had fun and at the end of each day there were only smiles, pride in the battlescars, barrels to recollect and Bintangs to wash everything down. What an end to the best trip of my life.”

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Photo and Teks: IURI Borba


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