Foreign Students in Bali are not Affected by Terrorism Issues

A number of foreign students who study in Bali are considered not affected by the issues of terrorism and security in Indonesia after the raid of suspected terrorists in Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten.


“We often ask the students pertaining to the terrorist and security issues and most of them answering that they are not worry of it. Previously Australian government also issued a travel advisory ‘ to Indonesia, but a lot of Australian students still come here (Bali), “said Vice Rector IV of Udayana University (UNUD), Prof. Dr. I Made Suastra, in Denpasar on Monday.

Suastra believed that it is because most of the foreign students believe in Balinese especially in maintaining internal security, including from the police.

Related to the issue of terrorism, the campus, he said, often provide an explanation related to security in every student orientation.

“We provide an explanation to them, especially in terms of security, including during the orientation period at least to keep their security and related to safety to quickly contact the university, “said the professor.

Meanwhile, the cancellation of the arrival of students from various countries, he said, it had been planned by the students their self and not because of security issues.

This is proved by the arrival of 40 students from various countries who will study for one semester in UNUD related to Asian studies.

The young students were brought by the Asian Exchange of education institutions based in Finland and will receive a number of lecture material of which the language, culture, history and ethnology, law, tourism to business of Indonesia.

At Udayana, in 2013 there were approximately 1,600 students from various countries take their education level from short courses, bachelor degree, to post-bachelor degree.

Sources: The Bali times


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