Police Arrest Foreign Tourist for Sequence of Accidents in Bali

The Denpasar City Police Department has arrested a 29-year-old South Korean, Shin Hyun Yi, for driving under alcohol influence and caused a sequence of accidents in Denpasar, Bali.

Motorbike-in-Bali-kutaPhoto: stanleyliew.com

“He was caught for speed driving under the influence of alcohol and also hitting other drivers,” pointed out the Denpasar City Police Department’s Head of Public Relation, Adjunct Commissioner Ida Bagus Made Sarjana in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

Sarjana explained that the accident sequence started when the suspect drove a car at a high speed from the south to the west line of Ngurah Rai Sanur by Pass, and then crashed into a motorbike being driven by I Gede Supariasa.

After that, Shin tried to run away in his unstable condition under alcohol influence, when he crashed into a city car that was parked by the roadside.

Instead of stopping his car, the Korean once again tried to escape and then hit a jeep with an unidentified license plate.

Finally, Shin stopped when he hit a tree on the road, after which, the Traffic Management of Denpasar Police Department’s officers reached the spot and secured him.

Adjunct Commissioner Sarjana assured that there were no causalities in the accident sequence. However, the three drivers who were hit were hurt, and the suspect himself had wounded his nose.

The sequence of accidents is still under an on-going prosecution and the suspect and witnesses will be called for further testimony.

Sources: The Bali Times


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