This man is now the biggest enemy of Indonesian netizen

Internet the way of getting information, entertaining, is being a most important part of life. When we start to click tabs or links in internet we want them to open as quickly as possible because we are eager to get what we want. In Indonesia internet was started form 1983 A.D. It is the eighth country which has slowest internet connection. It has 19% internet connection below the speed of 256 kbps. This is the eighth highest percentage of slow internet connections.


Though it has slowest speed, this problem was decreased by 13% from the last quarter. The speed of overcoming the slow internet connection problem is quite satisfactory.

Tifatul and his ministry have been at the forefront of Indonesia’s war against pornography. In 2012, he said his ministry had blocked access to as many as a million porn sites.

The latest report from Akamai revealed the ranking of Indonesian internet connection speed in the third quarter of 2013. It was noted that the average speed of internet connections in Indonesia was around 1.5 Mbps.


Indonesia in the second lowest rank amongst Asia-Pacific countries in terms of average Internet connection speed. Indonesia is only higher than India, which scored 1.4 Mbps.

This “achievement” is widely criticized by internet users in Indonesia. They complain and wonder why Indonesian internet speed is so slow when it can be as fast as South Korea, which topped the world in speed.

In response to the complaints, Minister of Communication and Information Tifatul Sembiring finally spoke. Through his Twitter account, he responded with a question, “Fellow twitters, what would you use the internet for if its speed is faster? … 🙂 *IWantToKnowSoMuch* ”.

Soon after the tweet was posted, many Indonesian Twitter users gave their immediate responses.

One Twitter user @Hestipanda wrote a reply, “to send HD video material to clients overseas and meet deadlines. These can only be accomplished with high upload speeds. Help us.”

Another account @shitlicious wrote, “to Skype with my girlfriend sir. Hopefully you can understand.” The minister responded on his account @tifsembiring without *TS* (Thread Starter): “This is another expense towards the state budget… :).”



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