What It’s Like To Be A Female Pro Surfer?

Surfing every day, always on the move, a perma-tan, endless supplies of clothes and new boards…. It all sounds pretty sweet to be a female pro surfer, eh? But it doesn’t come without hard work.

South African and Roxy rider Bianca Buitendag fought her way into the elite ranks of women’s surfing and is now enjoying her second season on the dream world tour. She may have lost at this year’s Billabong Rio Pro, but she’s clearly no quitter.


This beautifully shot mini-documentary by filmer Dan Mace tracks her journey as she heads down under for the Roxy Gold Coast Pro with her mate Johanne Defay, explaining the tension between her love of the ocean and pressure to perform.

“Life begins where your comfort zone ends,” says Bianca. It’s a cheesy line but it couldn’t be more true.

Sources: mpora.com


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