Killer Whales Invade Uluwatu

On Saturday 6th September Ulus was small and crowded – a lull between swells. Roxy surfer Hayanna Iguchi Murakawa was enjoying a surf with her friends when an hour and half into the session she heard people screaming: “I was sitting in the line-up when I heard people cheering and screaming. I looked to the side and saw a huge black fin rise up from the water.”


The 14 year old Bali-raised Brazilian first thought it was a shark but realized what was actually in the water with them when she heard her friends yell out “killer whale”. “As soon as we saw the killer (sic) disappear in to the water we all got out. We heard from the fishermen that they haven’t seen an orka pass through these waters before.” Apparently there were some fishermen who attempted to hunt the animal, spearing it twice. “But luckily the poor animal got away” Hayanna reflected.

Whatever compelled these beautiful animals to venture past the Bukit is uncertain, what is sure is that Hayanna and the others lucky enough to be in the water with them will never forget the experience.


Photos courtesy of Hayanna Iguchi Murakawa


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