Australian Faces 20 Years in Indonesian Jail

An Australian expat is on trial for drugs charges in Indonesia, accused of dealing from his popular cafe in the tourist hub of east Java.


Indonesian police raided the home business of former Darwin man Andrew Roger in May, allegedly catching him in the act of rolling a marijuana joint.

Besides the marijuana, the 51-year-old was also in possession of crystal meth and pills, police allege.

They’re pressing charges carrying up to 20 years’ jail and want him treated as a drug dealer. But Roger’s lawyers argue he has relied on marijuana use for 30 years and deserves leniency.

In court in Surabaya on Tuesday, an employee of the Australian, Eris Setiawan, said he had worked in the cafe since January, not long after it opened.

He said he was summoned by the police to look at the evidence from the raid laid on the table in Roger’s room. “I didn’t know what it was or where was it from,” he said.

Police allege Roger, also known as Roger Yeo, was with two women at the time of the arrest.

Mr Eris told the court he didn’t know of any “drugs party” going on at the time. “During the arrest, I was in the kitchen,” he said.

“The cafe sells iced tea, rice, coffee. There’s no marijuana being sold at all.” At the time of his arrest, Roger allegedly told police marijuana was legal where he came from.

He told police he had worked as a contractor in East Timor. His trial resumes next week.



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