Australian Rushed to Hospital in Bali After Drinking a ‘Blaster’ Cocktail

A NSW teenager celebrating the end of school exams in Bali was rushed to hospital after consuming a dangerous cocktail which was suspected to have been laced with methanol.


Jackson Tuckwell, from Stockton in Newcastle, NSW, was partying with friends at a popular Legian nightclub on Sunday evening when he consumed a ‘blaster’ cocktail.

The concoction of vodka, other spirits and pineapple juice rendered the 18-year-old unable to walk, talk or see,The Newcastle Herald reported.

His distressed mother Tanya said she was first notified that something had happened when her daughter rang to say she’d heard her brother was in hospital with methanol poisoning.

‘She said he was blind and he couldn’t walk, that’s when I really started to panic,’ Tanya told the Newcastle Herald.

‘I didn’t know whether to hop on a plane and fly over there or what.’

Since receiving the devastating news the anxious mother had desperately been trying to contact Jackson – who turned 18 on Wednesday – and had already reached out to his hotel and the Australian Consulate-General in Bali.

It is Tanya’s understanding that her son has since been released from hospital but it was unlike him to drink from anything he didn’t open himself.

schoolies-poisonedJason Tuckwell

Jackson’s friends think his drink may have been spiked.

His mother said Jackson had been to Bali before and understands how it works, but despite this Tanya wasn’t happy about him travelling to the island for Schoolies.

Around 6000 students will travel to the popular Indonesian island in search of cheap drinks, all-night parties and other adventures in the coming weeks.

‘The message needs to get out there, Bali is a beautiful place, but there is a downside and that is the nightclub scene. It can be very dangerous,’ Tanya warned.

Just last year Perth teenager Liam Davies died of a suspected methanol overdose, while holidaying in Lombok, Indonesia.

The 29-year-old was evacuated to Perth but passed away in hospital.

Jackson is not the only one who chose to celebrate the end of his school life overseas, as thousands of young Australians have flocked to Bali in the past few days.

Overnight in Kuta thousands of teenagers celebrated the unofficial beginning of the overseas Schoolies Week at nightclubs and bars throughout the party hot-spot.

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