Madewi Boarriders Challenge Event – Halfway Boardriders Take Home The Cup

The Inaugural MBR Boardriders Teams Challenge event was made up of five divisions from Groms thru to the Masters and featured Halfways, Padma, Uluwatu, Bingin, Canggu & Medewi boardriders clubs fighting it out for individual 1st places & the overall Boardriders Club Championship.


Halfway Boardriders; Mega Artana (Junior), Raditya Rondi (Open) Garut Widiarta (Senior) and the legendary Rizal Tanjung (Masters)
finished 1st place in 4 of the 5 divisions to take out the prestigious Team Challenge Cup championship Trophy.  Canggu’s Kian Martin placed 1st in the Groms Division.

Saturday saw all the heats run in nice 4ft+ clean faced long left hand waves. Following the surfing action, the Medewi Boardriders hosted a fish BBQ on the beach, followed by a night of traditional Dangdut style music with dancing and some pretty hot Javanese female performers. All the boys got into the vibe and let their hair down for the night. Garut commented, “Ït was great to see something different, as we see a lot of really good local & international bands back in Kuta, so to come out to Medewi and see the traditional Dangdut music was really cool.”

Sunday saw a slight increase in swell and a lot of hot action in the quarters and semis for the morning session. Standout performers in the semis were Tommy Sobri in the Juniors from Bingin, who scored waves in the excellent range, alongside of Raju Sena from Padma.

With the tide bottoming out at 12:00, the contest went on hold for 1.5 hours and then it was back on for the Finals with the incoming tide. Even with the cross shore breeze the waves were still long and clean faced, enabling all the finalists ample opportunity to perform the variety of maneuvers needed to impress the judges.

In the Groms division final it was Kian Martin from Canggu taking 1st place, with Varun Tanjung from Halfway in 2nd place.

In the Juniors, it was Halfways Mega Artana who managed to stop a storming Tommy Sobri and Raju Sena to hold on and win the Juniors final.


The Masters Division featured Indonesian icon Rizal Tanjung up against Kotok from Uluwatu and local Medewi legends Eddie Samsul and MBR club president Alex. Rizal came straight out of the gate and with his first two waves had everybody in a combo situation. Surfing with flair and speed, he really set the bar high and won comfortably. Uluwatu’s Kotok fought back with a high scoring 3rd wave, but was not enough to beat the inform master Rizal.

The Seniors final saw local boys Bisri and Herman up against Gesit from Uluwatu and current ASC number 3 Garut Widiarta from Kuta, who put everyone in a combo situation after two superb long waves finishing off with aerials on the inside. Local legendHerman fought back and matched Garut’s 1st wave with an amazing front side attack, but was unable to get back outside to get a similar size wave. So it was Garut who took out the Seniors and impressed everyone with his speed and precision and impeccable finishing.

Last, the Opens final was really tough to judge with all surfers getting a variety of waves one right after the other, but it was the Halfway Boardriders champion and ASC number 2 Raditya Rondi who with multiple re-entry and 360 manouvers managed to stand out against the really tough opposition and take home 1st place. In second place was Tonjo from Padma, whose backside attack was impressive, then local Medewi Ambassador & Volcom team rider Muklis Anwar in third, who did some amazing front side vertical re-entries but was unable to get the length of rides and wave selection that Cabul was able to find. 4th place went to Andre Julian from Pada, again, another standout surfer in the event.

Straight after the finals the presentation was on for the individual division winners and placing as well the presentation of the inaugural Champions Cup trophy to a very proud and deserving Halfway Boardriders club.

1st- Kian Martin (Canggu)
2nd-Varun Tanjung (Halfway)
3rd – Danny (Halfway)

1st-Mega Artana (Halfway)
2nd-Raju Sena(Padma)
3rd-Tommy Sobri (Bingin)
4th-Riman Jayadi (Canggu)

1st-Raditya Rondi (Halfway)
2nd-Tonjo (Padma
3rd-Muklis Anwar (Medewi)
4th-Andre Julian (Padma)

1st-Garut Widiarta (Halfway)
2nd-Herman (Medewi)
3rd-Bisri (Medewi
4th-Gesit (Uluwatu)

1st-Rizal Tanjung (HalfWay)
2nd-Kotok (Uluwatu)
3rd-Eddie Samsul (Medewi)
4th-Alex (Medewi)


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