Bali drug-accused did foolish thing for love

The family and friends of the 52-year-old New Zealand man being held in Bali on drugs charges have spoken out about the mystery woman he met online. They even say that New Zealand police warned him.


Antony Glen de Malmanche was allegedly caught with 1.7kg of methamphetamine in his bag and could now face the death penalty.

De Malmanche’s family and friends say he has done a foolish thing for love.

“He was forming a relationship between this girl in Hong Kong, which I don’t know too much about,” says best friend Ashley Barnett. “But I had seen photos and apparently her name was Jess.”

They say three weeks ago she sent de Malmanche $300 cash for an urgent passport. She then paid for his flights and a new phone and he flew out to Hong Kong that weekend.

“He was going there to meet her, get married, have a life, live a life and come back to New Zealand with his partner.”

His family told 3 News he was lonely and connected with the woman online. He even showed them the dating site where he met her.

His second cousin, Jim Johnston, says de Malmanche texted him when he arrived in Hong Kong. The next thing they knew, he’d been arrested in Bali, accused of trying to smuggle in 1.7kg of methamphetamine. He could now face the firing squad.

De Malmanche’s family says about a week ago New Zealand Police contacted him overseas, and his family in New Zealand, to warn that he was in danger and to drop what he was doing and head home.

They say the police even offered to pay to fly him home and that no charges would be laid. But he refused the offer and ignored the warning.

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