No Leash: 11 Stitches on a Kid’s Head

A couple of weeks ago we posted a warning on facebook about being safe around others while you’re surfing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boogie-Boarder, Short-boarder, SUPer, etc. We’re all out to have fun, but we need to ensure our own and others safety.

No-leash-11-stitches Today we received an e-mail from a concerned surfer asking for help to spread the word about safety in the water. His 8 year old son was rushed to hospital after having a fin chop in his head from an un-leashed board.

Read this fellow surfer’s story and send us your ideas and opinions of how we can make Bali surf breaks safer:

“My son went out before me as I was still waxing my board.  It was in the 3 foot range and quite crowed.  My kid told me his story as follows: He was paddling out in the reform area (In front of the Temple).  A longboarder came in front of him and then the entire wave became whitewash.  The longboarder bailed, but his board was caught by the whitewash and headed straight in my son’s direction. Ryoma (the kid) jumped off his own board, but the longboard fin from the loose board caught him and sliced his head. His school friends and other locals helped him paddle back to the shore and told me about the accident.  A local, Pak Agus from Jl. Nelayan, guided us to a local clinic. Ryoma had 11 stitches in his head. He will be out of water a few weeks, but he’ll be OK.


The surf is for every one but after seeing what happened to my son I have a few suggestions for other parents, and surfers in general:

1) Teach your kids how to be safe surfing in a crowd.
2) Make sure your fins are not too sharp, it can protect you and others.
3) Always wear your leash, despite your surfing skills.”

Most of us have had some near-misses or even accidents as a result of dangerous behavior in the water, how do you think we can make the breaks here safer?


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