No Longer Need Departure and Arrival Cards at Bali Airport

Starting on April 1, 2015, immigration at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport reportedly will no longer require foreigners to present an arrival and departure card.

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“Through the innovation of technology we wanted to improve the service of foreign tourists upon arriving and departing from Bali,” said Frience Simolang, the Head of Data Collection and Entry at Ngurah Rai’s Immigration Office.

Visitors are usually given the departure and arrival cards to fill out on their flights coming into Bali, but sometimes they are lazy to fill out the cards or do not understand English, so when they get into the airport, it takes more time for them to get through immigration and they create a traffic jam, Simolang explained. This should make it easier for foreigners to get in and out of Indonesia through Bali, he added.

The system is to be operational at 19 airports, 11 ports and 1 land border-crossing post throughout the country.

Putu Astina, Bali airport’s chief of immigration information also told Tribun Bali that the measure’s goal is to cut down those infamously long airport lines.

Though neither Simolang nor Astina specified how exactly this technology will work, we hope things really do change on April 1 and it’s not just an exciting announcement like all the hype about citizens of select countries no longer needing visa on arrivals to enter Indonesia earlier this year.

Source: Bali Coconuts / The Beat Daily


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