Hotel Project in Canggu Accused of Violating Zoning Laws

Radar Bali, Bali Post and Denpost all report that protests from local villager stating new hotel project on Canggu Beach – the Canggu Intercontinental Resort has violated a number of provincial and regency zoning rules.

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Already in possession of a permit from the Coordinated Licensing agency (BPPT), the five-storey hotel project is accused of violating the setback rules that stipulate no permanent structure can be erected within 100 meters of the high water mark. Meanwhile, local citizens alleged that the Canggu Intercontinental’s wall is only 15 meters from the high-tide mark.

The Secretary of the Regional Planning Board (Bapeda), I Made Agus Ariawan, said that the 100-meter setback rule is absolute, and cannot be rationalized by the developer as an anti-erosion meaure. Ariawan also pointed out that the area of 100-meters between the high water mark and any project cannot be fenced in and must be maintained for public use as a matter of law.

An inspection visit carried out by North Kuta enforcement office (Satpol PP) and village officials on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 found the walls built by the hotel were located directly on the beach.



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