Kelly Slater Retires?

Last April Fool’s day, Kelly Slater announced he was leaving 23-year sponsor Quiksilver on Instagram. Which, timing and all, turned out to be true.


Pic source: Slater’s Instagram

This year, a day into another Rip Curl Pro Bells, he chose April 1st to announce his retirement — also on Instagram. And here’s what he posted:

“Big decisions in life don’t come easy and it’s taken a lot of quiet time and personal introspection to come to this conclusion…The #RipCurlPro was the first event I surfed on tour and it’s fitting that this will be my last. There are too many people to thank and memories to go over but here’s to hoping I can pull a rabbit out of the hat and win one last event this week.

“My board feels great (thank you @cisurfboards and @travlee) and I’m as psyched as ever to just surf and enjoy. Hope to see everyone down there at #BellsBeach this week. Not the best forecast but I’m channeling my #FloridaRoots! #HappyApril1stEveryoneBackHome”

Some are pointing to the last hashtag as a sure sign it’s a joke. Most hope it’s a joke. Some just want to see Kelly chase swells and golf and make rad, sustainable clothing and create an artificial wavepool that actually works.

What do you think? Best April Fools’ ever or true fact?



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