Photos: Mentawai April 2015

Here I was again in Padang, getting ready to start my 11 th season on the Aileoita 1, frothing to try my new camera and go search for some new spots. My guests were returning guest, so they know what there were looking for, no crowds.

We decide to head down south, and search for some isolated waves. We end up scoring empty line ups at Ht’s, Roxys, Sikakap Rights, Tic Tac, Thunder Box, Light House, Moots and Sandin. This time of the year has really light winds, so that helps a lot on the the wave choosing, we have so many options if the winds are light.

Way down south we find some new spots, definitely we will came back when the conditions get perfect for them. The season start pretty good, we are going back to Mentawai on May 7 th, to cover all the action.

Aileoita 1 still have some empty spots for 2015
All photos and text: Sebastian Imizcoz / Rusty
It does also exist Aileoita 2 boat, but it’s not operate by us.
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