8-year-old Girl Goes Missing in Sanur

The family of a missing girl is desperately offering up Rp 40 million to anyone who can locate or provide accurate information on the whereabouts of eight-year-old Angeline, according to an “anak hilang” poster getting shared on social media.


Angeline, an 8-year-old who disappeared from her Sanur home in Jl. Tuberose, Sanur at approximately 3.00 pm on Saturday 16 May.

The girl’s sister, Yvonne Mega W, says Angeline had been playing in front of the house at the time before her disappearance.

The family had thought Angeline was playing at her neighbor’s, but around 6 pm, they realized Angeline was not there, so Yvonne says she scoured the neighborhood looking for her sister. Unsuccessful in her attempts to locate her sister, Yvonne then called the police to report Angeline missing.

Direct family of Angeline have utilised all avenues of social media to intensify the search efforts. It is understood she was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, yellow sandals and hair in pigtails.

People are encouraged to call the number 082145200190 if they have any information regarding the missing girl.

We hope Angeline is found soon and returned home to her family.


Source: bali.coconuts.co / beatmag.com


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