Photos: How Many Boats in Mentawai? There is No Crowd.

Our friend Sebastian Imizcoz, just got back from his second trip of 2015 on board of Aileoita 1 and he sent us the report.

“My guests want to surf without crowd, but it could be possible, last trip we had 6 days surfing by ourselves and the season is getting busier but it was my mission.

We end up surfing 15 different waves in our 11 days of surfing. And 8 of this days we surf by ourselves really good waves such as Green Bush (2days) Banks Vaults, Nipussy, Lances Left, Thunders Roxys and others.

It was an amazing trip, and I am ready to leave for my next one with some more swell ahead. I will keep you posted

Sampai Jumpa

Seba Imizcoz”

The Aileoita 1 still has a few spots for 2015 available, and they are also booking trips for 2016. For boat trips in Mentawai please contact: we always have really good deals for you.

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