Jeremy Flores Sustains A Head Injury In Indonesia

Current No. 10 in the world rankings Jeremy Flores yesterday suffered a head-on collision with the reef, far from help in remote Indonesia. Jeremy took to Instagram to share his unfortunate encounter with a vicious Indian Ocean reef. Here’s what he had to say:

A photo posted by Jeremy Flores (@floresjeremy) on

“Worst last 24h ever. Hit my head on the reef in the middle of nowhere in Indo, lost my memories for more than an hour…deep cuts all over my head & face… 24h later the helicopter finally came to get me to take me to an international hospital where I just got 2h of surgery on my face…the good news is there is no fracture…I would post a picture of my actual face but it would shock everyone so I won’t lol #nevergiveup”

Flores has joined the list of injured WSL athletes that seems to be growing by the day, We’re wishing Jeremy a speedy recovery so that he’s healthy and ready for J-Bay.


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