Alcohol Prohibition Bill Could Soon Become Law

Indonesia’s alcohol prohibition bill is one step closer to becoming law with the House of Representatives agreeing on Friday to further discussion of the bill.

Pic source: batamexpat.comAll party factions handed over written approvals on the deliberation of the bill during the House’s plenary meeting on Friday.

Deputy chair of the House’s legislative body, Firman Soebagyo, said that the decision would enable the bill to go into a harmonization period, during which some of its clauses would be evaluated and discussed further.

“The reason why the law is important is more toward the control of illicit alcohol production and consumption. The draft that was given to the House today is not final as there are several changes that need to be made,” Firman told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

Among the possible changes are a clause that says those caught consuming alcohol will face a minimum of three months and maximum of two years’ imprisonment.

“That clause has been the subject of debate because of the large implications it will have on rights and the tourism industry. It is one of the clauses that should be modified because it doesn’t specify the exceptions,” the Golkar Party politician added.

Due to the urgency to control the spread of illicit alcohol, Firman hoped the bill would be passed by the end of the year.

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