Gallery Lakey Peak: The Waves of Your Life

It was a big system coming to Indo. In the beginning it looked very solid and in spite of not living up to these initial expectations the swell that rolled in was of a good size and with a long period. My intention was to go somewhere different, as every year Lakey Peak is getting more and more exposed. No doubt the waves are really good at Lakeys and you have plenty of options but I wanted to escape from the crowd and shoot other waves with the boys.

But things never go the way you want. As the boys were dead set on Lakey Peak I gave in and planned to head over for 4-5 days to cover Mattia Morri, Roby D’amico and some friends who were already there. I also took two Canadian friends with me, they were in Bali in holidays and wanted to explore Indo, so why not Sumbawa with a lot of surfers?

At the airport we had the usual jostle with the air company, initially telling the boys their boards would not be on the flight as it was already overloaded. Bali-grown Mattia used his Indo-wiles and in less than 10 minutes he was all smiles at the gate saying that his boards were going to be loaded onto the plane after all. Nevertheless he wanted to be the first to head onto the tarmac to board the plane so he could talk to the luggage handler boys to “double check” the boards would be loaded.

The 45min – 1 hour flight was easy and our friend, Lakey local, Moose was there at the airport waiting for us to drive us to the hotel. You don’t even notice the long drive with Moose as he always seems to have the latest surf movie playing in his car and before you know it you’re pulling into the parking-lot at the hotel in front of Lakey Peak.

The first afternoon the waves were still very small, 2-3ft and with a light offshore blowing. I went surfing with some of the Bali Groms at Pipe as the big boys wanted to chill and spend time talking surfing with the crew that was already there.

The next morning the swell still hadn’t appeared. Mattia, Roby and Arpad went to Cobblestones for a warm-up. After an hour surfing there the swell started to show up, sets were getting bigger and more consistent. When the entire little bay started closing out it was time for breakfast.

From the hotel’s restaurant we could see waves getting bigger every second set. At lunchtime there were some solid waves breaking at Lakey Peak but the tide was too high so we decided to wait for it to go out so waves would be a bit more hollow.

We got out at 3pm and the waves were so fun. The wind was cross-shore but not strong, it was perfect for the right handers, and by the end of the day there were some really good barrels at both rights and lefts. This was a perfect first day of surfing.

On the second day we woke up very early; at first light the boys were already out. The waves were amazing, 4-6ft sets, pure glass and barreling from takeoff all the way to the channel. The crowd was a bit intense: Mattia, Arpad and Kayu who all live in Bali. Then Roby D’amico, Reubyn, Harry and Miles from Europe and to make it more exciting the American boys, Evan Geiselmen, Luke Davis, Ian Crane, Balaran Stark and Toyren Meister alongside the local boys from Lakey lead by Joe Barrell, not to mention all the other surfers there on holidays… Yes it was really crowded, but just perfect for a photographer, as there was plenty of action to be captured.

The waves were good all day, and in the afternoon it got glassy and echoed the morning session with the tide going out.

The next day the waves dropped somewhat, Lakeys was 3-5ft and still perfect. With 3 ft waves at the peak on the fourth day we decided to go back to Cobblestones and it was real fun. 2-4ft waves with perfect air sections. We started the session by ourselves but after 1 hour the American crew arrived and upped the ante. By the afternoon the boys were surfed out and I had the chance to get a couple at the Peak myself, it wasn’t as good as I saw the days before but this is how it works for photographers. We surf when they don’t.

Photos & Text: IURI Borba
Text Edited by T.B.


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