Photos: Temptation for all – Telo Islands

Two weeks ago a very motley crew of surfers hopped onboard the Aileoita I in Padang, Sumatra, ready for whatever mother nature and the crew had in store for them. Informed by the latest forecasts the group agreed to heed the surf-guide’s advice and head beyond the well-documented Mentawai islands for the relatively lesser known Telos to the North, to search for waves and avoid crowds.

And sound advice it was: empty line-ups and epic waves seemed to lap around every peninsula and into every coconut-dappled cove. The group was a mix of friends of various surfing abilities, and where there were froth-fest sessions shared by all, family-style, the different breaks and swell catered to everyone’s needs. From screaming barrels that separated the men from the boys, to mellow waves curving around reefs, every surfer had their needs met.

Between surfs, analyzing the days’ shots, and old-school searching in the dingy, the gourmet chef kept producing feast after feast, destroying any plans to lose a few kilos on the trip. By the end of the trip the multiple daily surfs had taken its toll with the odd individual surfed out and content to turn to the Playstation and movies for indulgence, while others, more of the tortoise-school of pacing enjoyed pristine waves to themselves, dialing the conditions of their new “home” breaks.
Anyone interested in heading back out?

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Text: T.B.
Photos: IURI Borba


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