A South African Man to Attempt Guinness World Record For Surfing Marathon

His family thinks he’s crazy, but Port Elizabeth surfer Josh Enslin is determined in his bid to smash the Guinness World Record for the longest surfing marathon. The current record, set by Ben Shaw (USA) is 29 hours 27 minutes and was set on 30-31 August 2014.

Photo: Kody McGregor

Enslin’s attempt is set to take place at Pollock Beach in Port Elizabeth, and the waiting period for the attempt is going to be the month of November 2015.

“I am stoked to give the World Record an attempt,’ said Enslin. ”It would be rad to have the World Record Title on our South African shore line.”

There are a variety of things that come into play with such an attempt, with dehydration, fatigue, sharks and hyperthermia just the start. Still, Enslin is gung-ho on the attempt.

“I am super excited, anxious and nervous all in one,” said Enslin.  “The oceans’ elements play the factor here. It will be all about keeping a good balance but that’s hard when mother nature is in control. I have nothing to prove to anyone, this is just between me and the ocean and my longest surf session ever.”

The attempt is not only about personal glory, but also a charity drive for a number of worthy causes in and around the PE area.

“The other aspect to the event will be a massive donation drive alongside the record attempt,” said Enslin. “We will be gathering and donating old surf equipment and old wetsuits and blankets and canned food that Cyoh Surf Club will donate to underprivileged surfers around our surf community, and we will be donating blankets and canned food to the street children of Port Elizabeth.”

Source: millerslocal.co.za


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