Best Autumn Surf Trips

This year, as the northern hemisphere tilts reluctantly away from the the sun, make the most of the resulting vorticity by sending yourself on an autumn surf trip. make list where you can spent your autumn for fun surf trip.

1. Ericeira, Portugal


Originality: 4/10

Tubelihood: 6/10

Value: 6/10

How: Fly to Lisbon

Why: Probably Europe’s best surf town
Is there a tournament? Yes! Well, sort of, you’ll need to drive an hour north to Peniche.

Is Ericeira better than Peniche? Well that’s a matter of personal taste… but yes. Yes it is.

Hardly off the beaten track, but it’s certainly not as surf schooly as Peniche or Algarve, and thus not quite so much of a ‘scene’. The wind wants to be offshore but when it is, many many riches are on offer. Much of Ericeira surf zones break over rock substrate, sometimes, very very sharp and shallow.

But around Ericeira town variety is the spice of surfing… From burgerish trundle of Ribeira d’Ilhas (River Island!) to the death maw of Cave (basement!), and much between.

2. Baja California

California-Baja,-Photo-DorseyOriginality: 6/10

Tubelihood: 5/10

Value: 6/10

How: Fly to Whale’s Vagina (San Diego) then drive. Or fly straight to Cabo.

Why: Like Cali but with fewer surfers (but more kidnap)
Is there a tournament? Not in Autumn

For non-California surfers, Baja was kinda like nose guards… it seemed like a good idea in 1995. Seriously, when’s the last time anyone went to Baja that wasn’t a Cali resident, that went by aeroplane?

The last time anyone at your local beach said, ‘I just got back from a surf trip to Baja’, was never. These days if anyone goes to Mex they go mainland, they go south deep south, to raucous beachies and long right points. Or Sayulita to drink smoothies from jam jars.

Much has been made of the danger element in the past few years, with good reason. Things got kinda gnarly, and still are, although maybe marginally less so. Thus you’d want to be sensible.

Baja is more of a rocky pointbreak experience, glass, longer lines and a bit of adventure, but variety too.

3. Indonesia


Originality: 0/10

Tubelihood: 10/10

Value 6/10

How: Big metal bird

Why: Must you ask?
Is there a tournament: Nope

Life they say, is all about timing, and in certain aspects of it, they’re quite correct. Comedy is all about timing.

Next comes high trapeze, and then just after that, surf trips. Timing it right in terms of swell is obvious, down to luck or the balls not to book or simply money to pay last minute fares.

But also timing in a broader sense, timing it right for crowds, prices, even timing those push pull factors.
Indo receives the majority of swell pulses during dry season, also prevalent offshore winds.

4. New York

Originality: 7/10

Tubelihood: 5/10

Value: 2/10

5. South West France

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