Chinese Mainland Bride Drowns on Tegalwangi Beach During Pre-Wedding Photo Session

A session of pre-wedding photography on Tegalwangi Beach, Jimbaran, South Kuta ended tragically when the bride-to-be was dragged out to sea by a wave where she drowned before a horrified group of friends and her photography crew.

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The couple from China, Lun Lin (38) and Li Dan (26), was posing for photos dressed in their wedding outfits at about 2:30 pm on Monday, August 24, 2015 when they were dragged out to sea while standing on coral rock formations posing on the shoreline.

The woman fell into the ocean where she sustained serious head injuries as she was tossed about in waves among the rocky shoal. She was found on the shore about twenty-five meters from where the incident occurred. The groom, however, only suffered minor cuts and abrasions and managed to climb back to safety.

Water police were summoned to the scene and managed to locate Li Dan’s body a short time later that was immediately sent to Sanglah General Hospital for forensic examination.

According to Denpasar Water Police Adj. Commissioner I Wayan Rindep, the woman’s body has already been cremated and the remains taken back to China.
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