Photos: Hot Groms, The Future of Indonesia – 3 of 3 Keeping Secrets

Respecting elders is a core element of Indonesia’s diverse cultures around the archipelago. This can even be seen in the line-ups; let’s say Padang is breaking and one of the established boys gets a sick wave, next set that rolls through he’s bound to be given a wave over one of the younger kids. The same may be seen in the media coverage where the majority of space is taken up by surfers present and past…with very little room for the up-and-comers to be scrambling for.

Consider for a moment that the groms messing about in the lineup today will soon be representing Indonesian surfing. The kid for whom every wave seems overhead could soon be on the WCT charging Teahupoo and Pipeline.

We want to put some of these kids in the spotlight now to showcase the level and hunger for the sport that is present – and how Indonesian surfing stands to benefit from them. We’ll be featuring three articles all about a group of groms surfing around Bali. It struck me how professional these guys are despite their young age – on time, polite, rearing to go, and stoked on each other’s surfing. They are keen to push themselves and each other in the water, and it’s exciting to see where they’re headed. Credit goes to their families who are encouraging and supporting these kids to pursue their passions and the future of Indonesian surfing while keeping them grounded.


Three of Three: Keeping Secrets

A not-so-secret-secret was our third target and the boys had a froth-fest. We travelled in convoy as not everyone knew the way, and Raju Senna, Rio Waida and Ketut Agus built up their appetites en route. The boys got barrelled out of their brains and then some, enjoying the 2-4ft conditions with the odd bigger set steamrolling through. The boys were unfazed by the heavy wave breaking shallow and demonstrated their Indo-barrel prowess.

Photo: Iuri Borba


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