Bingin Open & Family Gathering 2015

Bingin, September 22. A weekend of epic waves at the Bingin Open & family gathering 2015 presented by hurley culminated with the champions crowned in perfect four-foot Bukit Peninsula tubes. Agus Dag Sumertayasa claimed the open division, Nyoman Pill Suartika won the masters, Mega Artana took out the pro juniors, Ketut Agus the juniors and Cinta Hansel the pro junior girls, with winners of both the pro junior and pro divisions earning a free trip to the Mentawais thanks to one of our sponsors, Seabourn Surf Charter.

Day one saw 3-4ft, A+ conditions, with the pro juniors scoring early morning perfection before the juniors and pro junior girls surfed on high tide a little later. Around lunch time the waves just kept getting better and the grommets were charging. Andre Anwar posted the biggest score of the event, a perfect 10, for taking off really deep and getting spat out on near-dry reef, as the big crowd on hand went wild. The day finished with the junior final, and top performances from Ketut Agus, Tenshi Ishi, Ben Benson and Bronson Meidi. As the sun set Ketut Agus took out first place after a solid showing throughout the event.

The second day kicked off with the pro division, and conditions the equal of Sunday. After round one of the open division was run the pro junior quarter finals hit the water, followed by the semi finals and then the final to round out the day. The four-man final was a closely fought affair between Andre Anwar and Mega Artana. Both surfed really well, but in the end Mega caught a nine-point ride in the dying minutes to take down heat leader Andre Anwar and claim the trophy.

The final day dawned to massive Bingin and kicked off with the masters division, featuring many of the best over-35 surfers from Bali who are showing no signs of slowing down. With Bingin a little bit too big, some sets washing through. Johny Uluwatu locked into a drainer right through to the end section and got smashed on the dry reef. Thankfully nothing bad happened to him but it ended his run, knocked in the semifinals around lunch time. Round two of the open division condition came next, with some surfers struggling to find many scoring waves with conditions still a little too big. Once the quarter finals hit however, the tide filled in and Bingin just turned on. Perfect 3-4ft glassy barrels rolled through as all of the boardriders cheered for their favourite surfers and heroes.

Before sunset the masters final ran, with Wayan Gobleg showing he hasn’t lost any of his touch, Bisri from Medewi Boardriders looked super comfortable, and one of Bingin’s best tube riders, Artaka Steamy, struggling to catch the waves he wanted. It was all about Nyoman Pill however, who waited passionately for the best waves, tore a good one to pieces to take the lead and never let go. The open final paddled out on sunset, Gesit, Koki, Mega and Agus Dag. At the end of the day Bingin specialist Agus Dag took out the open pro division thanks to his consistent performance from round one, a thoroughly deserving champion!

We would like to thanks to all of the Bali Boardriders for their support and participation in our contest. Next year we will be back bigger and betterr than ever!

Bingin Open & Family Gathering 2015 Results:
Junior Boys
1st Ketut Agus
2nd Tenshi Ishi
3rd Ben Benson
4th Bronson Meidi

Pro Junior Girls
1st Cinta Hansel
2nd Giada Legati
3rd Hayana Iguchi
4th Dea Natasha

Pro Junior Boys
1st Mega Artana
2nd Andre Anwar
3rd Kayu Vianna
4th Rio Waida

Masters Men
1st Nyoman Pill Suartika
2nd Bisri
3rd Gobleg Suyadnya
4th Artaka Steamy

Open Pro Mens
1st Agus Dag Sumertayasa
2nd Mega Semadhi
3rd Putra Laksana Gesit
4th Koki Hendrawan


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