The Walk of Shame in Gili, Lombok

Gili island, the paradise escape just off the coast of Lombok, plays host to many island travelers searching for their taste of paradise! Although most of the time the backpacker-code keeps life fun and carefree, some tourists just don’t know how to behave.

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On the photo was the Dutch tourist was allegedly caught stealing on CCTV. What happened was an innocent holiday-goer had lost their bag and reported it to some local authorities (no police force on Gili!), who then checked the CCTV of where they suspect the bag might have been stolen. Lo and behold, the culprit was revealed; another tourist caught on tape! 

If you’re in Jakarta, say goodbye to your bag and the thief. But on little Gili, there’s no escape. The locals tracked the man down and decided to punish him in the best and most Indonesian way possible.

Indonesians hate losing face. Out of this came an effective punishment for thieves “Diarak Keliling Kampung”, or Paraded Around the Village, so that everyone may know your dirty deeds – the ultimate embarrassment. Foreign criminal was treated the same way any local thief would’ve been.

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Picture above shows, local people stole 800.000 IDR money and a cellular phone, he’s ready to do walk of shame accompanied by island security.

Photos of the suspects were then circulated to island security and, knowing that tourist must leave the island via boat, boat owners and fast boat operators at the harbour were alerted. Everyone was determined to catch them.

This is what happens if you steal on the Gili Islands. First the thieves get led around the island with a sign around their neck stating that they stole and accompanied by island security, then they get send off the island for good.

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