Indonesia Needs More Immigration Service and International Gateways

Tourism managers in Bali are calling on the government to increase the number of immigration inspection points in anticipation of the growing number of visitors resulting from liberalized visa policies and guests staying for extended periods who will not necessarily depart via Bali’s airport, qouted from

Immigration at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Photo source: / 123rf

The head of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Association of Travel Agents (ASITA-Bali), Ketut Ardana, said on Friday, October 23, 2015 that ASITA has a standing request for more immigration inspection points, a request that remains unanswered.

As reported by the State News Agency Antara, Ardana said Immigration Inspection Points are only available at five airports in Indonesia: Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam and Denpasar (Bali).

Bali is the only airport in eastern Indonesia with an immigration inspection point.

Ardana said current policies granting free visas to the nationals of 90 countries were almost certain to increase the flow of tourists to Indonesia.

He said that with tourists staying longer periods in Indonesia they would also opt to visit more domestic destinations around the Country. Adding: “When they stay longer times, they will not only be in Bali but also travel around Indonesia. Their return will be by departing from airports that do not have Immigration Inspection Points.”

Ardana said his calls to the government for more immigration inspection points have yet to receive a positive response.

Another tourism operator, Putu Winastra, complained that he was encountering problems with groups visiting Bali and departing later via Lombok due to the lack of immigration inspection facilities on Lombok.



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