Surf Guide Beaten Up by Tourists at Surf Point

According to Maldives Finest, three Israeli tourists beat up their surf guide while on a trip to the Maldives last month.

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This happened at Thanburudhoo surf point, about 20 minutes by speedboat from Male’. The local who got beaten was working as a Surf Guide. The incident was reported to K.Himmafushi Police and attackers were taken to police custody. The police has not released any information to the public so far.

The guide was apparently attacked in mid-September after he told the three men that they needed to respect the local surfing etiquette and the other surfers at Thanburudhoo. While not much is known about the incident, Sun Online reported that local police were investigating.

People urges the government to thoroughly investigate the case and proceed to court of law for prosecution in order to establish justice, otherwise future cases could lead to revenge and escalate situation. Rule of law is important to keep Maldives peaceful for the tourists and people at work.

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