Detail Emerge on Alleged Hijacking of Private Yacht Sailing Between Lombok and Bali

Earlier in November we reports the news about “Two Germans Kidnapped After Yacht Was Hijacked in Indonesia”, told of how a German passenger on the ship was sending frantic SMS messages to friends ashore telling a forced boarding by violent pirates somewhere between Lombok and Bali. Indonesian police and German Embassy officials were contacted, triggering a search for the vessel and its imperiled crew of two.

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Information published on now suggests that Diana Chirsta Lorens, who had signed on as “crew” with the German owner, had joined the ship in the Philippines. The woman, said to be in her 70s, was not happy on the voyage and demanded to be dropped in Bali. The Captain, a fellow German, refused to land the woman in Indonesia as he had no official sailing permit for Indonesia territory needed to make such a stop and told the woman she must remain on board until the ship’s next port-of-call at Christmas Island in Australian territory, quoted from

Upset with not being permitted to disembark ahead of schedule, Loren reportedly tried to force the Captain’s hand and began sending SMS messages to family and friends claiming a pirate hijacking was underway.

The yacht eventually landed safely in Christmas Island where Lorens was allowed to leave the ship.

It is not clear if Indonesian or Australian authorities will pursue the very serious legal matter of making a fictitious criminal report against the woman.

Marine security experts found both the nature and location of the original report highly irregular and greeted the piracy report with some skepticism.



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