How Not To Pay Overstay Because Of Volcano Eruption?

As we reported some of Indonesia has extended the closure of several airports (Bali, Lombok, Banyuwangi) after Mount Barujari on Lombok, began spewing volcanic ash, leaving thousands of travelers stranded in the airport.

What to do if you’ve got overstay because of eruption? had experience 3 months ago and immigration officers have confirmed same practice will appear this time.
There are 2 cases:
  • If you have had a ticket to fly out and your flight was cancelled because of eruption – you will get overstay free if you fly out the day once airport open again. If you will fly out 2 or more days after – you won’t have to pay for days when Ngurah Rai Airport has been closed.
  • If you have never had a ticket to fly out and can’t proof cancellation – you will have to pay the full price of overstay even for days. when Denpasar airport was officially closed.
Surabaya Airport is working normally, so if your visa expiration date is coming and you didn’t have a ticket – better move there for a visa-run. Who knows how long will it take until Rinjani calm down.
For more information you can visit their website here



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