Bali is a Choice for Tourist to Spend Their Old Age

Bali island is not only known as a world tourism destination, but also be one of the convenient place for elderly tourists who wants to spend his retirement.

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Thousands of elderly tourists who come to Bali come from all over the world, one of them is Netherlands who choose to stay temporarily or settle in Bali. One of their favorite places is Sanur area with a beautiful and quiet atmosphere.

Adrianus Van Leeuwen, one of elderly tourists from Netherlands said, the quiet and beautiful atmosphere of  Sanur is a major factor for him to spend retirement even his life in Bali.

“I really like the atmosphere of Bali, especially Sanur. The scenery, the people are very friendly, as well as a wide variety of food in Bali which I think is very interesting,” he said when met at Mertasari Beach Sanur, Tuesday.

He claimed that he felt comfortable to stay in Bali and wanted to spend the rest of his life in Bali. Together with other foreigners, he spends his days in Bali to interact, gather together, and doing light activities such as painting.

Robert Alfons Vermeeren, other elderly tourists mixed of Indonesia and Netherlands was also saying the same thing. After decades of living in the Netherlands, he chose to spend his life in Bali.

“For me, Bali has been providing comfort, serenity, and peace. All of my family is in Netherlands, I actually found the spirit of life here and I want to enjoy my life in Bali, “he said.

Ni Made Citra Dewi, Consultant Expats in Bali said, the presence of elderly tourists in Bali was not easy. To get a permanent residency card (Kitap) they must pass through various stringent requirements.

“Minimum age is 55 years old and had been in Bali for a long time. Other requirements, they should have a retirement savings or deposit enough money as collateral for live or stay in Bali. Many of them were married to the citizen or stay alone at home purchased or leased in a given period of time, “he explained.

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Source: The Bali Times


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