In One Day Three Foreign Tourists Attacked By Machete in Lombok

Three foreign tourists attacked by road bandits with machetes in Lombok on wednesday (12/2), in two separate locations. They are identified as Barbara Klar (German), Gina Schillings (German), and Brian John (USA).

Robbery victim Brian John who received medical treatment at a hospital. Picture:

John was driving a car from Selong Belanak towards Kuta Lombok in the afternoon. When he saw an electrical cable hanging down, touching the surface of the road in front of him, he stopped and got out to check. Suddenly a group of men with machetes surrounded him and demanded all of his money and valuables. He refused, but was outnumbered, and had his left arm hacked by a machete. Seeing John was unable to resist further, the men took all of his possessions and sped off. John shouted for help, was assisted by locals, and is being treated in hospital in Mataram.

Few hours later same case happend with two German women, Barbara Klar and Gina Schillings, were riding a motorbike on the main road near Areguling beach. They were cut off by machete-wielding men on motorbikes who approached them from behind and surrounded them. They demanded the women’s bag, which Schillings was wearing, and threatened them with machetes. The victims tried to resist, but the men snatched the bag and sped off toward Selong Belanak.

Neither woman was injured, but suffered significant losses in the theft, including camera, mobile phone, cash and other valuables. The extent of John’s losses is not known at this time, as he is still undergoing medical treatment and hasn’t filed a police report yet.

Lombok commander of the military district, Arie Tri Hedhianto said, will help police track the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

Local informants and media state that the area where these crimes took place are known to be high-risk zones for road robberies.



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