Owen Wright Injured At Pipeline

Owen Wright has been taken to hospital after copping the beating of a lifetime during a free surf at Pipe this morning before the trials began.

Owen Wright. Photo: Scotty Hammmonds
Quoted from stabmag.com “He got a nug, then a big wide set came and he got three or four on the head,” says Rip Curl teammate Matt Wilkinson, who watched it unfold from the balcony of the Rip Curl house. “Mick (Fanning) got one of them and dove off next to him, they both got smashed together for two or three more, and Owen just let himself get washed in ’cause he was flogged.”
After returning to the team house, he felt dizzy and went into his bedroom at the Rip Curl house to take a nap. When he woke up, his condition had worsened — he was visibly disoriented and was having difficulty breathing so the guys at the house called for help.
He was taken to hospital by an ambulance. Early reports are that his vitals are good and he is in no immediate danger. It is unclear whether he will be fit to compete in the Pipe Masters, due to start in the coming days.


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