Quiksilver Indonesia Enters Project to Save Orangutans

The Bornean orangutan population has declined by 75% since 1900, and currently there are only an estimated 54,000 Bornean orangutans left in the wild. With a continued decline in numbers and given the immediate threats to their habitat, hunting, and illegal trade, this exclusive Asian species native to the island of Borneo, is listed as an Endangered species.

Dodo, the mascot of #SAVEDODO campaign, one of the orangutans that BOS Foundation have taken care of at Samboja Lestari since he was young. Picture source: orangutan.or.id

In response to this pressing environmental concern, Swiss-Belhotel International (SBI) together with the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation and with the support of Quiksilver Indonesia (QS) and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI), have taken bold action to help prevent orangutan extinction by initiating a new and exciting campaign, #SAVEDODO. Dodo, one of the orangutan survivors is the face of this initiative, which serves as a channel for all stakeholders to support Bornean orangutan conservation.

Swiss-Belhotel International Chairman and President, Gavin M. Faull explained “At SBI, we understand and contribute to the country, the culture, and the environment in which we manage.” He added, “Initially, we started this campaign to take a stand on the environmental concerns in Borneo, one of the areas where we operate. However, we realize that this is not a journey to be taken alone. Having QS and CCAI on board, will enable us to amplify the scale of this campaign and create a bigger impact”

#SAVEDODO campaign will start raising funds through specially designed Quiksilver #SAVEDODO T-shirt’s which will be on sale at selected Swiss-Belhotel International and Quiksilver outlets across Indonesia starting December 2015.

The proceeds will be used for the rehabilitation of Dodo and other orangutans at the BOS Foundation facilities, as Jacqui Sunderland-Groves, Deputy CEO of the BOS Foundation mentioned “Through the purchase of the Quiksilver #SAVEDODO t-shirt, everyone can help to ensure the orangutans receive proper care and rehabilitation and the opportunity to be returned safely to the wild.”

“With the recent devastating fires across Kalimantan many orangutans have suffered and the future survival of Bornean orangutans depends on urgent conservation action. Now more than ever, we need people to join hands and support orangutan conservation efforts.”

For more information about#SAVEDODO Campaign, visit: www.orangutan.or.id


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