Two Different Woman Slashed by Stranger in Denpasar

In one week, there have been two different reports women in the Denpasar area getting slashed in the leg by strangers

Picture of the alleged slashed victim, received medical treatment at a hospital. – Picture source:

First victim has been identified as Ayu and received 31 stitches after the attack early Tuesday (12/7). Second victim named Jasmine and she received 4 stitches after slashed in the leg on Saturday (12/12).

According Ayu, she was wearing denim hot pants when the unknown assailant slashed her legs with a box cutter or razor blade before driving off on a motor bike. She was unable to record the license plate on the bike and can not see the characteristics of the perpetrator as well.
After talking to her brother, the victim said that she found out that this had occurred three times before around 4.30am to 6am, as quoted by The Beat Daily.

Second victim, Jasmine, says had been coming back from Legian to her home in Glogor Carik, Denpasar, suddenly a person cornered and slashed her right thigh, then runaway.

“There were no reports of victims. But our attention has been the case. Our members already mobilized,” said South Denpasar Police Chief Nanang Prihasmoko.

Nanang didn’t want to reveal the characteristics of the perpetrator because it is still under investigation.

He expected the women to be more careful, especially when out in the morning, since the two incident occurred in the early hours.

Source: The Beat Daily / Tribun Bali


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