Australian Could Face 9 Years in Bali Jail

When Australian Scott Dobson was asked to pay for his drinks at a Bali nightclub he and his friends allegedly turned on a manager at the venue, kicking him and stomping on his chest, a court has heard.


Dobson was met with chants of “deportasi” (deportation) when he was brought into Denpasar District Court on Wednesday for the first day of his trial.

The 53-year-old from Western Australia is accused of attacking Kenneth Wickes at the popular Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta in the early hours of September 27, 2013.

Prosecutor Gusti Ayu Fitria told the court that violence broke out after Mr Wickes – the club’s business development advisor – approached Dobson and his two friends over their refusal to pay for the vodka and beer that they had been drinking that night.

Using both hands, Dobson allegedly pushed Mr Wickes before one of his friends stood on a table and threw a punch, striking the Canadian in the right cheek.

Over the moments that followed, Ms Fitria said Mr Wickes was punched in the eye and nose.

When he fell to the floor, Dobson allegedly kicked him before stomping on his chest.

“Because of what the defendant and his friends did, the victim suffered bruising to his right eyelid, a bruise on upper lips and broken teeth,” she said.

While Dobson was arrested in December last year, his friends remain on the police “wanted list”, the court heard.

Dobson, who is being held at Bali’s notorious Kerobokan prison, has been charged with openly committing violence against persons or property and maltreatment.

If convicted he could face up to nine years in jail.



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