Alleged Bag Thief in Padang Padang, Bali are Brutally Beaten By Passers-by

Shocking footage has emerged of a group of passers-by bashing one of the two thieves who allegedly stole a tourist’s handbag in Bali, Indonesia. 

The incident, which appears to be a Bali-style punishment occurred on Monday in beachside town Padang Padang, Uluwatu on the south-western tip of Bali.

Luigi Balifu, who captured the footage, said he saw a French girl crying in the middle of the street who said she just had her handbag snatched by two young boys with their scooter.

‘After 30 seconds the two thieves were passing in the same road. I put myself in the middle of the street and they pointed at me and they started to accelerate more. Luckily they didn’t hit me. I punched one of them trying to make them fall but they were able to run away.’ he wrote on Facebook.

In the footage, Balinese locals can be heard shouting ‘Maling’, which translates to ‘thieves’, before one local man starting following them.

After about three minutes, the man was able to catch the thieves who were returned to the location where the thieves robbed the French girl. Passers-by can be seen brutally beating one of the two thieves who was curled up into a fetal position trying to protect his head.

After a few minutes, Balinese police arrive and picks up the thief before escorting him away.

The two have been identified in a Tribun Bali report by initials DW, 15, and PT, 16. Both have reportedly been referred to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar because of their severe condition, quoted from Coconuts Bali. The angry mob also burnt the motorbike they had been riding to a crisp.
Source: Daily Mail


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