Maldivian Surfers Arrested for Protecting Surf Breaks

A wave is a force of nature. It is a beautiful geographical process. Give some thought to the combination of factors that make up this movement of absolute energy. As surfers we love our waves. We see what they are capable of.

The waves that break off Malé are world class. Photo: Richard Kotch

Earlier this week, a group of Maldivian surfers were arrested when they attempted to protest the development of a bridge, which could destroy the waves at Raalhugandu on the Malé atoll.

Additionally, two surfers involved with the Maldives Surfing Association (MSA) were reportedly arrested while surfing one of the main breaks on Malé. (Authorities have banned surfing at the spot, but these surfers claimed to be unaware of that.)

A photo on the MSA Facebook page shows AJ, the president of the organization, being carried away by a police officer. The caption reads: “This is AJ. He is not a thug. He’s a guy trying to do his job as the president of MSA.

The bridge in question aims to link Malé city and Hulhulé airport. According to the Ministry of Housing, the construction won’t destroy or alter any of the waves surrounding Varunulaa Raalhugandu. But the MSA wants proof that the experiments were actually conducted.

“The surfers are worried that the government has not provided reassuring documents that show that the waves of Raalhugandu will not be affected negatively, even though they say that will be the case,” the Facebook post continues. “Word of mouth is not enough. We need credible evidence.

The Maldivian surfing community will continue their protests at Raalhugandu. The infrastructure will be concluded in 30 months, and it will cost 300 million dollars, quoted from



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